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Our senior mosaic artist with over 30 years of experience. Starting adult life wandering around this beautiful world ,the forests , beaches, amazing people, festivals, concerts and all the while picking up skills, living large,  creating  artworks and just living the deream baby.

I become an accomplished brekky chef and spent 10 unrefreined years building a beautiful house. activist, raconteur and connoisseur of the  human imagination.

Chris Jones

John Paul Mueler



Creates high end totally unique masterpieces and his company Sublime Stone Solutions specialises in direct concrete sculpture and hand carved stonework finishes. Their expertise in concrete sculpture can be applied to new and existing builds, foyers, venues, parks & playgrounds. They are based in Perth, Western Australia but have travelled and worked extensively. John Paul’s dedication to his craft, his trained eye as a former stone mason and positive demeanour turn dreams into reality.


His collaborations with artists here at MosaicArt have had amazing results. 

Renae Martin

Renae collaborated on many projects in Australia , Europe and south~east Asia.

Her wonderful designs and creative ability balance the whimsical with style and fine detail.


sonia marie of the

Organic tinctures ,balms and tonics made from indigenous Australian plants and European herbs.

Sonia Marie is a lifelong friend and an inspiration for me personally. Well travelled and always curious sonia has travelled many paths to her present home.  Amongst the misty hills of Melbourne sonia grows plants to create totally organic healing and soothing remedies. Author of Kulin Tales Seven seasons of the Bunurong.

Chris Jones Art-3151.jpg

pete carroll

Based in Broome peters work is awe inspiring on many levels. His subject matter and ability to capture moments really is breathtaking !  2018 AIPP NT Professional Photographer of the Year. Pete kindly helped out with shots of the aquatic centre in Alice. Yay 


Freedom Through Education Nepal. (Facebook)

They believe that providing education to the underprivileged is the firststep in breaking the cycle.

Hands on direct action to provide education support for kids. Grass roots level action for 8 years already with providing uniforms, shoes andbooks just the edge of activities. Wonderful program teaching seamstress skills to some of the kids mom's to further the possibilities of gaining financial independence. 

Registered not for profit,

100% proceeds direct to programs. Only one paid Nepal worker: project manager in Kathmandu 

Donate via westpac

Bsb 036048

Acc 426371


ChrissphotosMoasic2007 104.jpg

callum fairnie

Callum Fairnie survived the belarius st mosaic school and often contributed to larger projects over the years , nowadays he coordinates

@Fugazi gallery (instagram)

More a laboratory than a gallery.. housing local and international disrupters who confront and challenge perceptions.


Fugazi gallery 

314 wiring Rd cow town WA

Open weekends 10-4.30pm

Open weekends 10-4.30pm



Off Ya Tree Music recording facilities for digital and analoges in Hamburg, 

Lots of toys to play and record with and some seriously talented producers available. .


Off Ya Tree Tonstudio

Moorfleeter Str 15

22113 Hamburg

Professionelle Aufnahmen 

Stilistische Vielfal

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