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Collaboration with You

Hey there! Greetings from Australia,

Has anything on my website piqued your interest or caught your eye? Would you love to have a mosaic art installation created in your home, business, community, garden, or any space of your choosing? I offer a unique approach to doing business for those in other parts of the world. 


Hopefully it helps make art accessible to everyone.Im hoping this initiative will  open up new possibilities for those who want to experience the beauty of mosaic art without breaking the bank.zArt is meant to be experienced and enjoyed, and it makes sense that the artist wants to enjoy the creative process without any expensive or fancy requirements.This initiative makes sense for those who find conceiving and financing installations difficult.It is a win-win situation for both the customer and the artist, and it also gives customers the chance to collaborate with the artists


Project Costs

You can pay for your mosaic art installation by transporting and hosting our artists for the duration of the project and for an equivalent amount of time after completion, during which i can explore your country,  culture and people. Costs are simple.

  • Travel to and from your location

  • Ground transport, accommodation and daily costs

  • Food and locally appropriate amenities and entertainments

  • Materials and consumables for the project

  • Local taxes, fees and other administrative costs

This exciting opportunity allows customers to have their dream mosaic art installation realized within a realistic budget.

Hosting after project completion can include an itinerary of stops with colleagues, campgrounds, family, relatives to help me enjoy and explore your country. Accommodation can range from a spare room upwards.

As an experienced mosaic artist, I am confident in my ability to create a masterpiece that will add charm, beauty, interest, and value to your space. I am committed to delivering the highest quality of workmanship in my creations, and eager to collaborate with you to realise and bring the vision to life.

If the creation of the mosaic installation takes 15 days to complete, I would like to spend an equal amount of time and energy exploring your part of the world and its unique culture and attractions. This would constitute the payment.

I am not looking for anything extravagant or expensive, but I am seeking a quality cultural experience that will enrich and broaden my horizons..

During the 15 days or so of creating the mosaic art installation, I would work with you to plan interesting activities for the following 15 days, which I would spend discovering and exploring your part of the world. Imagine the possibilities! I would love to visit local markets, tour the local galleries and sights, try local foods, swim, hike , explore things that make your community what it is and experience as much as i can in the time available. I believe that this mutually beneficial exchange of time and energy will create an enjoyable and valuable experience for both of us.
. So if you're interested in having an amazing mosaic art installation created in your space and sharing your culture with me then drop me a line let's cook up a plan and create something amazin !

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